A Trusted Cloud - Based Phone System You Can Rely On

ULTATEL provides a reliable cloud-based phone system for small and big businesses. Connect with your clients and colleagues anywhere and anytime with our outstanding VoIP phone solution.

Cloud Based Phone System

Unified Business Communications

Empower employees and improve customer service through effective remote communication solutions.

ULTATEL delivers a fully-integrated and easy-to-use platform for phone calls, audio meetings, video conferencing, online Fax, team messaging, SMS, and business collaboration. Whether you manage multiple branches or a remote team, we’ll help you keep connected with your employees and clients through a phone system that works as one. Track your team’s productivity and sales analytics with our Microsoft Teams and CRM Integrations.

Real-Time Assistance and Easy Installation

Obtain excellent customer support - we’ll get your business up and running within minutes.

Our team assures a quick and easy installation and migration of the VoIP phone service. We’ll customize the system based on your business needs and explain how our enterprise features work. We also provide toll-free numbers, dial extensions, and phone line set-ups. Plus, our Operations Control Center engineers will assist you 24/7 to make sure your cloud phone system performs at its best.

Lesser Costs, Bigger Savings

Get quality phone service at low costs only.

Say goodbye to capital expenditure and save up to 50% of your monthly phone billing. ULTATEL offers affordable enterprise subscriptions dependent on the number of VoIP users and phone lines needed. You can also manage your phone preferences and team extensions, which cuts down expensive maintenance costs. The best part? System updates and automatic upgrades are already included when you choose ULTATEL.

Flexibility and Business Continuity

Achieve customer satisfaction and paramount results through business continuity and flexible working.

ULTATEL’s cloud-based phone system allows users to stay in touch with customers and co-workers using any device. Whether you’re working at home or on the go, you can take phone calls and video meetings on your desktop, tablet, mobile, or softphone. The caller ID feature makes it more convenient to switch between your personal and business devices as it always shows your business phone number.

Security and Reliability

Leverage your business with ULTATEL’s user protection and high reliability. Experts are proactively optimizing your VoIP phone system 24/7 with a 99.999% uptime guarantee. Our security processes include protecting your system from cyber issues and operational errors. We also shield you from natural disasters by providing fire control and backup power. When it comes to physical security, ULTATEL Data Center stops at nothing. Our comprehensive, defense-in-depth, biometric security system is engineered to fully protect our customers mission-critical assets.

Feature-Rich Software

Establish a competitive work setting and stay productive with our all-packed tools and features. Top features include HD voice quality, advanced cloud PBX, and unlimited calling for US and Canada. We also offer a variety of VoIP calling options, such as call forwarding, caller ID, call waiting, and call monitoring and recording. Our system is integrated with CRM applications, including Salesforce, Zoho, Zendesk, PipeDrive, Microsoft Dynamics, and Microsoft Teams. These enable businesses to track team progress and perform marketing automation. Lastly, we provide voicemail to email transcription services for improved and easier communication.

Power and Connectivity

ULTATEL data center electrical infrastructure offers 2N+2 redundancy -- twice the redundancy of a standard Tier 3 data center. As an additional safeguard, the data center’s custom-designed N-MatrixTM infrastructure management system monitors and controls the entire electrical distribution system. In addition, it is monitored 24x7 by on-site Operations Control Center engineers, which means, an unprecedented level of reliability

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