CRM Integration

Boost Workforce Productivity with Ultatel’s CRM Application Integration Capabilities

Empower better workforce efficiency and a seamless customer experience with Ultatel’s CRM Application Integration capabilities. Boost business performance by combining your company’s voice intelligence with contextual CRM data and real-time reporting.

Countless hours are wasted on manually logging call data into CRM systems, looking up records and navigating fields to enter specific call-based notes. Oftentimes, data is lost altogether by lack of data entry from on-the-go workers.

Ultatel’s CRM Application Integration can help solve these challenges and more with automatic screenpops of valuable contextual CRM data pertaining to calls, as well as automated call logging and tracking in a seamless workstream environment.

CRM Application Integration features include:
  • Contextual Intelligence: Deliver better customer service with data that matters to your customer. Get access to contextual data in real-time during your calls via the Ultatel CRM Application Integration screenpops within your same CRM workflow.
  • Easy Contact Note-Taking: Edit key CRM fields direct from the Ultatel CRM Application Integration screen pop window – connecting you direct to your CRM and eliminating the need to manually look up a contact record and record call notes.
  • Click to dial- integration: Call a business contact directly with one click to dial the contact phone number right from within the CRM system record – saving valuable time in manually entering phone numbers and eliminating erroneous manual dialing.
  • Automated logging of calls – With Ultatel’s CRM Application Integration, your workforce will never have to manually input call records into their CRM system again. They can focus on investing their time on building customer relationships versus manual data entry, and you’ll have access to the most accurate data from any device they use – whether mobile, tablet or desktop.
  • Integrated reporting: generate easy accessible reports from within your CRM system that combines your automated call logging data and any data entry from fields updated in screen pops and other custom CRM fields.
  • Advanced analytics: Utilize combined data with any CRM data to improve your business processes and call flows – such as decreasing time to call resolution and drastically improving your customer experience with fewer touchpoints.
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