UltaTel Cloud PBX vs. On Premise PBX

UltaTel Cloud PBX vs. On Premise PBX


ULTATEL Cloud PBX Solution

Traditional PBX Solution

Unified Phone System

Support for multiple locations

Whether you manage multiple branches, have agents working from home or outsource any job functions your system will work as one, which reduces IT costs and equipment costs

Need PBX on premise (large expenditure for equipment and maintenance)

No Capital Expenditure

  • A low subscription based expenditure dependent on the number of lines necessary and the number of phones.
  • No more expensive equipment!
  • Maintenance and upgrades are included
  • Upfront expenditure for equipment
  • Monthly maintenance costs
  • Upgrade hardware as business grows


  • Service is on-demand, which makes deployment quick and easy.
  • We handle everything with a white glove to ensure a smooth transition every step of the way
  • Needs technical expertise
  • Typically needs your staff to be involved

Reduce IT Support

  • IT can be reprioritized for other projects
  • Users can have permission based options to easily manage their own extensions with an intuitive dashboard

IT Staff is typically necessary to support PBX

Business Continuity

  • Tier 4 Data Centers (99.999% uptime)
  • Emergency Plans to forward to cell phones or other locations
  • PBX is stored on-site
  • Susceptible to power outages, internet outages and an unfriendly environment for servers


Instantly add new lines and/or users even for a new location. No additional CAPEX needed

Scalability typically entails the purchasing of new equipment and IT Support costs

Features, Features, Features

  • Advanced features and functionality
  • All features are bundled into the service
  • Your system will be upgraded with new features automatically.

PBX software and hardware upgrades licenses are needed to ensure the latest features

Automatic Upgrades

  • Access to the greatest and latest updates for your system included
  • Never update or upgrade again
  • Automatically done by ULTATEL
  • Updates need to be done by trained IT Staff


  • Use your smartphone as a desktop phone via app
  • Caller ID will show the business and not the cell phone ID
  • Connect anywhere and anytime
  • Typically no mobility features are included


  • Higher level of security than traditional on-premise solutions
  • Security includes:
  1. Physical security
  2. Fire control
  3. Backup power
  4. Systems and network redundancy
  5. 24/7 network monitoring
  • PBX is stored on-site
  • Susceptible to power outages, internet outages and an unfriendly environment for servers
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