CRM Integration

UltaTel for Zendesk ®

Your phone system integrates with your Zendesk CRM.

Enhance your Zendesk experience with seamless integration between your UltaTel cloud phone system and your Zendesk CRM , improving workflow and increasing productivity. With UltaTel for Zendesk activated, you can place calls from within Zendesk by simply clicking on contact or account records. Your incoming calls trigger a notification panel with the caller’s account information. And you can attach call notes and accurately track call duration on specific contact records.

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Features and benefits

  Complete cloud-based app no software to install.

 Access from anywhere on both Windows and Mac using any popular browser.

 Easy click-to-dial from within Zendesk by clicking on any contact, saving time and improving call efficiency.

 Instant screen notification panel with caller’s account records automatically displayed on incoming & outgoing call.

 Multiple-browser tabs enabling multiple interactions across multiple tabs.

 Real-time call Tickets saved to corresponding Zendesk record.

 New records contacts, Tickets–can be easily created while on a call.

How it works

Once UltaTel for Zendesk has been activated, it will appear inside your Zendesk account.
That means you will be able to call leads and customers from within Zendesk,
using the dial pad or simply selecting contact/requester phone(s) to dial out—saving time per dial and eliminating misdials.

Your UltaTel Business Phone rings one of your devices based on your assigned routing rules, so you can answer the call while using the app.

UltaTel for Zendesk has intelligent call and record matching.
When a call comes in, UltaTel automatically brings up the matching Zendesk contact.
If the record is not available, a notification panel gives you the option of adding a new record.

UltaTel for Zendesk allows you to log notes, create tickets after the call.
You can also view ticket report.

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