The best small business VoIP phone system solution.

Nowadays, business phone systems are not only about placing and receiving calls. There are integrated communications systems that help staff members and clients to communicate the way they prefer.

Why a VoIP phone system is a perfect solution for small businesses?

The business phone system industry has undergone a series of major advances over the past few years. With VoIP phone service for business, this service is no longer limited to large corporations. Even small companies can grab a slice of the VoIP pie.
There may be dozens of VoIP providers to choose from, but ULTATEL stands out as a VoIP phone service for small businesses for its deep understanding of small-scale enterprise communication needs.

Our small business phone system benefits

Here are a couple more reasons you should invest in VoIP phones for small business:

Greater savings

No upfront expenditures and costly maintenance fees. Cut down your regular phone bills by 20% to 50% every month.

Effortless installment

We customize your system the way you want. We also talk about the advantages of using our over 80 enterprise-grade features.

Work anywhere

Our hassle-free system allows your team to work in the office, home, or even in the car.

Efficient collaboration

As a cloud-based telecommunication solution, we provide your staff members with the means to maintain open communication lines for hassle-free collaboration.


Should disaster strike, you can depend on our 99.999% uptime and disaster-proofing. No need to stress over what might happen when the network falls over.

Available in any device

All users have access to their extension numbers using desktop phones, soft phones, and applications.

Small business phone system features

Our VoIP phone service for business has various advanced call features. Call monitoring and call whispering not only help in blocking unwanted phone calls, but they also protect you from fraudulent activity. Other features such as call waiting and call queuing are essential to call volume management, while call forwarding ensures you don’t miss any pertinent phone calls. Customized music on Hold keeps your callers entertained during transfers or waiting time.
Voicemail to email is a VoIP phone feature that turns a voicemail into an audio file you can attach to an email. Voicemail transcription is the exact opposite. It breaks down an audio file into a simple text message. Both features are ideal for small business owners who are always on the go.
With analytics and reporting features, you can track each caller’s journey. It can help you obtain an overall view of customer behavior, which is beneficial for business growth. Moreover, reporting tools help analyze peak call times, so you can strategize better to prevent missed calls. Clearer than Landline Networks

Our VoIP systems only utilize high-technology to guarantee superior voice quality for half the price.
In ULTATEL, we promise to give you more bang for your buck. Enjoy Unlimited Calling for US & Canada, unlimited Inbound Internet Faxing, and unlimited ring groups.

CRM integration

A CRM software has a powerful impact on your business. Having the means to integrate your CRM with our Voice over IP for businesses phone system will make it easier to streamline business processes. It also enables you to access and monitor call data without a hitch. We offer integration tools such as Salesforce, Zendesk or Zoho.

Our pricing

We offer various pricing options to accommodate different needs. We understand that start-ups and small businesses do not usually have the financial backing to spend a great deal on business phone systems. Our pricing starts at a modest amount of $24.95 per month per user for a team consisting of 5 to 19 people, with no additional set-up fee. Choose from Clarity Premium, Clarity Enterprise, and Clarity Enterprise Plus.

Got pricing questions?

Why choose ULTATEL for small business VoIP?

Small to midsize businesses always struggle with call volume management It’s the reason call centers have become the huge industry it is today. Businesses of all sizes have depended on them for call management.
ULTATEL’s array of special features aim to provide a solution to this problem. No need to outsource call management anymore. Moreover, other elements,such as CRM integration and analytics and reporting tools, render your Voice Over IP business system the core of your operation. With the unlimited offers, you’ll get to enjoy more benefits without the additional costs.


A cloud contact center is a critical player in any enterprise. All calls, either inbound or outbound, are managed by the cloud contact center. Furthermore, interactions can also be done through social media, voice, and email. All of which are accessible remotely.
ULTATEL’s cloud effortlessly connects all remote locations and existing company offices, local or international. The system adapts to accommodate the continuous growth of the company. Since there aren’t long-term commitments, you don’t have to concern yourself with massive fixed costs.
It depends on your needs and the pricing plan you choose. ULTATEL’s Contact Center Solutions can cater to 1 to 999 users.
Yes, but it’s not that different from onboarding agents face-to-face. ULTATEL creates a collaborative ambiance to promote an enjoyable and fruitful onboarding experience for your new team members. Don’t forget to include face-to-face screen time using ULTATEL’s video conferencing features to establish rapport. Avoid overloading agents at the outset and request feedback to see which avenues you can work on.