VoIP phone system for remote workers.

ULTATEL offers 24/7 support all year-round. Plus, with the cloud phone system, never miss calls and voicemail. No data is lost even in disasters. All data is stored in the cloud, hardware-free.

Global presence for your solopreneur or digital nomad business

Have the option to work from many locations on any device with a working internet access. Plus, you have the option to use international phone numbers and unlimited internet faxing. ULTATEL’s phone system solution is highly scalable. Small businesses and growing enterprises alike thrive using our non-complex system.

Benefits of using VoIP for your remote work

Whether you are a solopreneur or have a remote team of 1,000 employees, you can leverage VoIP to better the way you do business. ULTATEL offers Microsoft Teams Integration with Direct Routing.
It is common for business professionals to use several devices to communicate with their coworkers, bosses, and customers. ULTATEL’s cloud phone system allows better and simpler collaboration. Now, your remote team can communicate in a vast number of ways. They can text, call, chat, hold a video conference, group page a different department, and even share files on one unified system.
Use your official business number to make and receive calls throughout your business. You get to keep the business numbers and extensions you use now. Remote workers stay accessible in a professional way. They can use the same number, even while on their personal phones. None of their personal mobile numbers will show up on the caller ID.
ULTATEL’s affordable pricing plans come bundled with unlimited calling, texting, and faxing. Get unlimited local calls and toll-free calling. Plus, make international calls at better rates. Cut your phone bills anywhere between 20 to 50 percent. Overhead IT costs, expensive maintenance and hardware installation costs are minimized too. Plan to move your entire office-based team to a remote set-up? You can save big on real estate expenses, too. ULTATEL’s remote work phone system is great for startups too. No commercial space rent required. Start your online business using the internet. Hire a remote team from anywhere around the world and get your business kicking right away.
Answer calls on a desktop phone, soft phone on PC, or on your Android or iOS phone. Mobility enhances the way your remote team works. Remote work allows for more flexible schedules and working styles. Remote workers remain a valuable resource for the company while achieving work-life balance, working the way they are most efficient.
Remote workers save on phone bills too. One easy system used to text, call, send files, have a video conference, and offer customer support. Remote workers get to save on transportation costs, too. They can even work comfortably in clothes they prefer (just wear a business-appropriate top for video calls).
Remote work results in higher employee productivity and satisfaction as well as lower stress levels. Enjoy lower employee turnover rates and benefit from a competitive edge with a global workforce.
With off-site storage handled by ULTATEL, you can easily recover important data. In the event of fires and disasters, your customer support will not be compromised. Calls can be rerouted to team members in other locations. Your team also gets permission-based access to customize the way you communicate. We have a team of experts that can guide your team in IT management, or we can do it for you, too!
ULTATEL’s team of experts handles all migration and installation in hours, not weeks. Get started on the remote work phone system with zero downtime. Worried about the learning curve? ULTATEL offers free training to your remote workers so they can fully leverage all 80+ enterprise-grade features.

Be reachable anywhere

Wherever your team has a stable internet access, you can make and receive calls virtually anywhere. Work from one location or many locations, whether at home, in the office, or on-the-go. All in one clever unified system.

ULTATEL is your trustable remote work VoIP provider

ULTATEL is trusted by 3000+ companies in various fields and niches. Our clients rest assured of a reliable service with 99.999% Uptime Guarantee. Our responsive team offers year-round support at all times.

Remote work phone system FAQs

Make it easy for your remote team to communicate with call recording, call monitoring, call queuing, call forwarding, call parking, and ring group features. With unlimited local call minutes, unlimited faxing, texting, chat, and video conferencing at plans as low as $18.95 per user for 100 above users. Small businesses with less than 20 users also have affordable pricing plans to choose from.
ULTATEL’s Unlimited Ring Group feature is just one of our 80+ features bundled in affordable pricing plans. The Ring Group VoIP feature allows multiple phones to use a single extension or number. When your customer calls that number, many devices can see the call and pick it up. Any call left unanswered will be directed to voicemail and the message relayed to your team as an email transcription.
ULTATEL offers HD voice for local and international calls, as well as video conferencing. For a single call, there is a minimum of 100 Kbps bandwidth required. So, an internet speed of at least 3 MBps is sufficient. For every 10 concurrent calls, at least 1 MBps bandwidth is required. So, 5 to 10 MBps internet speed is more applicable to ensure no lags.
ULTATEL has flexible pricing plans available on a month-to-month basis. Save more with bigger teams and longer contracts. Small businesses can start with monthly contracts and get more discounts as they scale their business.