The best VoIP phone system for remote teams.

When choosing a remote team phone system, ULTATEL is the best choice. Read more about our VoIP solution below.

Get work done from anywhere

With ULTATEL’s phone system, your team can work anywhere – from home, in the office, or on the road. Our mobility features empower employees to communicate with colleagues or customers using any device. You can use desktop phones, soft phones, or your mobile device. Moreover, remote teams can use the same business number as we’ll have it pre-configured upon installing the VoIP system. Extension numbers are also available for ultimate convenience.
Don’t worry about missed calls or unanswered calls. With ULTATEL, you can take all calls anytime, anywhere.

Why ULTATEL is perfect for remote teams

Choose ULTATEL, maximize our system features, and experience these benefits:
ULTATEL VoIP’s business phone number integration makes it easier for employees to answer calls even outside the office. Our cloud-based phone system also offers other call features such as call presence, call forwarding, call queuing, and call monitoring. And when you sign up with us, you get unlimited minutes for the US and Canada.
When you call your team members or clients using our mobility application, your caller ID automatically shows your business phone number. This means that you won’t have to switch between your company phone and personal devices when making a call. And it will imply a consistent identity towards your customers.
ULTATEL enables users to transcribe voicemails and send them via text or email. To receive voicemail transcripts, select your preferred type of forwarding: voicemail via email or message. Make sure to link your business phone number and email address accordingly.
Our cloud phone system is integrated with CRM applications like Salesforce, Zendesk, PipeDrive, and Zoho. These tools provide marketing automation platforms, analytics, and other features that enhance customer interaction. Stay connected with your team through audio conferencing and video meetings.

Our pricing

VoIP phones are not only convenient to use, but they also reduce your maintenance and support costs. You can expect up to 50% savings from your monthly bills, plus ULTATEL offers free installation.
Our basic subscription starts at $21.95/month per user. If you want to have advanced call features such as call queuing, recording, and monitoring, you can upgrade to our Clarity Enterprise plan. A more expensive subscription at $27.95/month per user allows access to CRM integration, customized reports, corporate directory, and conference services.
Take note that pricing may vary based on the number of users in your team and the type of agreement you select: contractual or month-to-month.

Plan your subscription now

Powerful, feature-packed & simple all at the same time.

ULTATEL’s cloud-based phone system is a powerful business tool that is packed with tons of useful features. It’s easy to install, use, and you can get work done from any device or location.
Our VoIP also has a simple-to-use interface that even beginners can operate efficiently. It provides advanced features that improve communication among team members and customer interaction, in general. If you want a powerful VoIP phone system aligned to your business objectives, ULTATEL is the best solution. Plus, we offer reasonable pricing for small and big companies alike.

Remote team phone system FAQs

It depends on your business needs. Our basic subscription already offers major benefits like making remote work easier, more interactive, and on the go. If you want higher productivity and more flexibility, you can go for our advanced call features like call queuing and monitoring. If your company gives high importance to teamwork, group reporting, and sales monitoring, get our most upscale plan.
ULTATEL gives users the option to pay contractually or month-to-month. This is applicable for all pricing plans. You can get a monthly plan with no commitment or sign up for a yearly deal to maximize your savings. Visit our pricing page for more information.
The bandwidth that our VoIP service requires depends on the number of users and concurrent calls for the phone system. In general, a 30-user system will need less than 1 MB of internet speed, while a 100-user system will need less than 5MB.