Microsoft Dynamics CRM integration with ULTATEL.

Enhance your Microsoft Dynamics 365 experience with seamless integration between your ULTATEL cloud phone system and your Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform.

How Dynamics integration works

Once ULTATEL has been activated, it will appear inside your Microsoft Dynamic 365’s account. That means you will be able to call leads and customers from within the platform, using the dial pad or simply clicking the contact phone icon to dial out— saving time per dial and eliminating misdials.
Your ULTATEL system rings one of your devices based on your assigned routing rules, so you can answer the call while using Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Dynamics integration benefits

Consolidate knowledge

Store the phone calls and share these records across the company.

Increase quality

Provide each client with the contact they require, fix missed calls to follow up with every caller.

Cut cost

Automate the forwarding of incoming calls. Let your sales specialists focus on more critical tasks.

Shorten sale cycle

Make your business more productive by providing the agent handling the call with helpful information.

Dynamics integration features

No software to install.
Access from anywhere on both Windows and Mac using any popular browser.
Easy click-to-dial from within Microsoft Dynamics 365 by clicking on any contact, saving time and improving call efficiency.
Instant screen notification panel with caller’s account records automatically displayed on incoming & outgoing calls.
Multiple-browser tabs enabling multiple interactions across multiple tabs.
Real-time call logs saved to corresponding Microsoft Dynamics 365 records with accurate call duration.
New records—accounts, contacts, leads–can be easily created while on a calls.

Dynamics integration FAQs

ULTATEL’s cloud effortlessly connects all remote locations and existing company offices, local or international. The system adapts to accommodate the continuous growth of the company. Since there aren’t long-term commitments, you don’t have to concern yourself with massive fixed costs.
A cloud contact center is a critical player in any enterprise. All calls, either inbound or outbound, are managed by the cloud contact center. Furthermore, interactions can also be done through social media, voice, and email. All of which are accessible remotely.
Yes, but it’s not that different from onboarding agents face-to-face. ULTATEL creates a collaborative ambiance to promote an enjoyable and fruitful onboarding experience for your new team members. Don’t forget to include face-to-face screen time using ULTATEL’s video conferencing features to establish rapport. Avoid overloading agents at the outset and request feedback to see which avenues you can work on.
It depends on your needs and the pricing plan you choose. ULTATEL’s Contact Center Solutions can cater to 1 to 999 users.