Local & International Direct Inward Dialing For You Business (DIDs)

Don’t want your business to be tied to an area code? With our direct inward dialing (DID) service, you can achieve a local presence. It doesn’t matter where your company is located or where your remote team is working.

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What is Direct Inward Dialing (DID)?

Direct Inward Dialing or DID is a service that allows companies to assign individual phone numbers to its employees without having separate physical telephone lines or trunk lines. By having a DID number, users will be able to process multiple calls to the right extensions.

Benefits Of Using DID For Your Business


DID offers convenience for both a company’s employees and its customers. There’s no need to set-up physical phone lines. Multiple extensions can be created for one DID number with one assigned to each employee. A dedicated extension also allows for convenient intercommunication within a team. 

Customers, on the other hand, will be able to reach the person they intend to speak with immediately. They don’t have to be placed on hold or wait for a long time. This reduces frustration and increases call traffic management. 

Cost Advantages

One of the biggest benefits of using ULTATEL’s direct inward dialing service is increased savings. Since callers can easily reach an employee, this eliminates or minimizes the use of receptionists. Another way it can help you save money is the fact that you won’t need to purchase additional phone lines or hardware.

Expand Internationally 

Just because you don’t have a physical office in a country doesn’t mean you can’t do business there. ULTATEL’s DID service expands your business across borders. For example, you can have a DID number that’s local to London even if you’re currently located in New York. 

Local & International DID Features

DID Numbers In Hundreds Of Locations

Need a local or virtual (non-geographic number)? You can have that. If you need a toll-free number to improve your customer service, we’ll provide you with that as well. 

Call Forwarding

Forward calls from your DID number to any device from around the world. It doesn’t matter if you’re forwarding to a mobile device, softphone, or traditional landline.

Easy Setup

Once you sign-up for our DID service, you can start receiving calls and serving your customers in a few minutes. Get your DID number now.

24/7 Support

ULTATEL has a dedicated support team that’s ready to help anytime. Whatever DID plan you’re on, our team will assist you through every difficulty. 


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A traditional telephone number is associated with a copper line while a DID number doesn’t rely on one. Unlike a traditional number, a DID number allows you to answer calls from anywhere in the world even if the number has a local presence in an area. 

In most cases, yes. We can activate your phone number immediately after you sign up with us. Take note, though, that your country may require some documentation for business verification before your number can be activated. 

There are different types of DID numbers depending on your business needs. They are the following:

  • Local DID numbers allow you to establish a local presence without having a physical office within a location. 
  • Virtual or non-geographic numbers offer flexibility in terms of device use. You can be reached by customers on your mobile phone or computer. A virtual number also relies on an internet connection. 
  • Toll-free DID numbers give your business a wider presence. A toll-free number is most commonly used for customer service. It makes your business look more professional. Customers can also call you for free. 

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