ULTATEL is the phone service provider that will also provide you with a hosted phone system solution which will enable you to get rid of costly and hard to maintain hardware.
No. ULTATEL’s solution will replace your phone service bill and eliminate your hardware maintenance and support cost.
Yes, ULTATEL’s solution will work on top of your High speed internet. This will enable you to make good use of what you are paying already for your data network.
Yes, this is a common scenario for our customers who want to get rid of all these different invoices and connect all locations with one phone system. With the new solution you will be able to transfer calls between locations seamlessly.
No, all ULTATEL cloud plans include free maintenance and 24/7 support.
No, ULTATEL keeps all systems up to date with security patches and new features as they become available. Our Network Engineers will keep your phone system up to date at no extra cost to you.
Yes, you can keep your existing phone numbers with your new service.
Yes, we support more than 90% of all brands of SIP phones like Cisco, Polycom, Yealink, Astra, etc.
Yes, our Network coverage includes all US 50 States, Canada and more than 50 cities around the world. ULTATEL will support your current or future national and international expansion plan.
No, we do not support credit card machines. We recommend upgrading your credit card machines to the latest version that works with internet connection rather than the phone line.

Installation & Migration

In the case of porting your phone numbers, usually it takes from 4 to 10 business days depending on your previous carrier. Our porting team will work closely with you and the old carrier to make sure deadlines are met.
No, our phones are shipped ready to operate (Plug and Play). Your data network may need some minor adjustments but ULTATEL’ team of network engineers will guide your IT personal on what’s needed and our support team is here 24/7 eager to assist.
No, unless you have a special request like POE switches or QOS devices.
Answer for this question requires more information like the number of the users for the phone system and the number of concurrent calls, but as a general guideline, a 30 user system will need less than 1 MB of internet speed, a 100 user system will need less than 5 MB of upload and download speed.
All our phones come with 2 ports (LAN and PC) so one connection can enable you to operate a PC plus a Desktop Phone. No need for additional wiring.


You can pay your bill by mailing a check, on the phone or online using credit card. We support all types of credit cards. No extra fee for any of our payment options.
CDRs can be downloaded though our billing portal.

Utilizing our 12+ years of international termination experience and our connections to most top tier 1 Carriers around the world, ULTATEL has very competitive international rates. Please check here.