Connect Salesforce to your phone system.

Learn how Salesforce phone integration can upgrade your business and why you should connect it to your ULTATEL VoIP system today.

How Salesforce integration works

Salesforce is an integrated CRM platform that lets you perform customer interaction, marketing, sales, and business reporting all in one software. It gives you a 360-degree perspective of your customers and offers various productivity tools, such as click-to-dial, real-time call logs, and automation functions.
Connecting Salesforce to your ULTATEL VoIP phone system will help you achieve success in all business aspects. Get our subscription plan with Salesforce and other CRM integrations now!

Salesforce integration benefits

Full contact center functionality

Salesforce allows customer service agents to schedule meetings, log calls offline, and view calling performance – supporting your business with full functionality.

Powerful omnichannel solution

With Salesforce activated on your VoIP phone, you can perform audio calls, video meetings, and other business activities on your mobile, desktop, or soft phone.

Industry-leading automation framework

Salesforce VoIP integration enables the automation of service cloud telephony tasks, which improves efficiency. It automatically logs call activities instead of doing it manually and lets you place calls with a single click.

AI local presence

Generate more meaningful connections from your calls through the software’s intelligent AI-powered local presence. Salesforce has a Lightning Dialer feature that shows local numbers when calling customers.

Salesforce integration features

Gone are the days when calls are dependent on similar software and devices. Salesforce’s native dialpad feature allows users to make and receive calls from your VoIP phone to mobile and vice versa, improving customer service and work flexibility.

Salesforce VoIP integration presents Historical Trend Reporting – a custom report type that highlights changes between five business days or weeks. You can view the data in charts or on dashboards. It also shows real-time data to help you keep track of call and sales metrics. Historical analytics helps businesses see where they made poor choices in the past and better understand their market segment.
Excellent customer service and increased sales start from employee satisfaction. Help your team be more productive and focus on important tasks by creating a custom sales guide on Salesforce. The guide may consist of a task list and different types of prospects that will appear on your employee’s VoIP phone screen.
Every call you make or receive on your phone system will be automatically logged into your Salesforce activity record. With this feature, business owners and agents won’t have to worry about data transparency, and you’ll be able to track all calls easily.
As mentioned above, you can simply place calls by tapping on contact numbers and account records. In our everyday lives, we make a phone call by just tapping or clicking our device. So why not apply the same simplicity on CRM integrations?
Being entirely cloud-based, Salesforce makes an ideal integration with ULTATEL’s cloud-based VoIP solution. The CRM software comprises seven different parts: Community Cloud, App Cloud, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, IOT Cloud, and Analytics Cloud.

Salesforce integration FAQs

ULTATEL’s cloud effortlessly connects all remote locations and existing company offices, local or international. The system adapts to accommodate the continuous growth of the company. Since there aren’t long-term commitments, you don’t have to concern yourself with massive fixed costs.
A cloud contact center is a critical player in any enterprise. All calls, either inbound or outbound, are managed by the cloud contact center. Furthermore, interactions can also be done through social media, voice, and email. All of which are accessible remotely.
Yes, but it’s not that different from onboarding agents face-to-face. ULTATEL creates a collaborative ambiance to promote an enjoyable and fruitful onboarding experience for your new team members. Don’t forget to include face-to-face screen time using ULTATEL’s video conferencing features to establish rapport. Avoid overloading agents at the outset and request feedback to see which avenues you can work on.
It depends on your needs and the pricing plan you choose. ULTATEL’s Contact Center Solutions can cater to 1 to 999 users.