Unified Messaging

Digital Fax:

Stop sending expensive faxes through your phone lines, and spending extra time and money on maintaining old fax systems. It’s time to modernize your business fax with Ultatel’s digital fax solutions. With traditional fax over PSTN lines, you’re not only risking the quality of your fax print outs, but also the reliability of deliverability, accuracy of your documents – as well as security. Instead of maintaining outdated, disparate fax systems – you can consolidate your systems into one unified messaging platform managed closely by Ultatel in our secure cloud. Increase your business’ efficiency with an integrated fax messaging system where you can send and receive trustworthy faxes – across locations, devices and connections. Plus, we’ll help you keep your old fax numbers with ease so you can focus on other more important priorities vs. re-routing outdated phone lines. With Ultatel’s digital fax platform, you can transmit and receive faxes via our user-friendly web portal or your own email system – from your PC or mobile device. Plus, choose from local numbers to international or toll-free, and easily search your fax history archive so you’ll never misplace another fax record again.


More than half of users prefer businesses to communicate via text messages vs. phone calls, according to SMSComparison.com 2019. Moreover, 98% of text messages are opened compared to only 20% for email. Now more than ever, it’s clear that in today’s digital business age, SMS is a requirement for timely and effective communications. With Ultatel’s SMS platform for unified communication and contact center, you can keep your employees and customers connected with the ability to send and receive text messages (SMS) from your business phone numbers. Instead of mixing personal with business SMS phone numbers, your customers can reach you by text and by phone – from anytime and anywhere - using the same business assigned phone number.

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