CRM Integration

UltaTel for Zendesk

Your phone system integrates with your Zendesk CRM.

Zendesk phone integration or Zendesk VoIP integration is one of the most exciting happenings in ULTATEL. It enables users from around the world to experience the safest calling and texting. With Zendesk talk features, users will be able to save time and improve call efficiency.

Integrate your phone system with Zendesk CRM to enhance workflow and productivity. With ULTATEL for Zendesk, you will experience innovation that leads to the celebration of success.

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Features and benefits

Maximize Zendesk with Contact Center Functionality

ULTATEL for Zendesk handles a wide variety of communications. Contact Center Functionality allows users to experience communication processes with one common goal: to improve customer experience. With Zendesk VoIP integration, technical support will be delivered faster than using traditional phone lines. In maximizing Zendesk with the Contact Center Facility, all communications between an organization and the public are recorded and managed.

Ensure Great Customer Experience with Personalized and Quick Response

ULTATEL for Zendesk highlights innovation in ensuring excellent customer experience with a personalized and quick response by being available 24/7. Customers expect their queries to be handled on a more personal level. Zendesk phone integration allows you to interact with customers in a similar way you interact with friends.

Real-Time Data Synchronization

Zendesk VoIP integration ensures real-time data synchronization, which means that all data are gathered and coordinated simultaneously. This feature allows multitasking and ensures users a timely workflow. Its multiple-browser tabs enable multiple interactions across multiple tabs. Multitasking will never be an issue with ULTATEL for Zendesk. Plus, Zendesk VoIP integration offers real-time call tickets to be saved and recorded.

Centralize your Communication in One Place

Zendesk phone integration enables users to have a centralized communication place. It’s where means of communication takes place without affecting each other’s functionality. Communication can be achieved in a wide variety of ways, not merely relying on calls. Zendesk integration allows users to access from anywhere around the world on both Windows and Mac using a browser of your choice.

Track all Your Calling Activities on Zendesk

ULTATEL for Zendesk tracks all calling activities without fail. New records for contacts can be created in a hassle-free way, too. Zendesk abandoned calls are also recorded and monitored. ULTATEL for Zendesk aims to monitor any communication happening in an organization to provide workflow efficiency, productivity, and security.

How to Integrate Zendesk with your ULTATEL Account

UltaTel for Zendesk requires no app to install upon integration. Once it’s been activated, ULTATEL will appear on your Zendesk account,
allowing you to call contacts, customers, or leads within Zendesk.
Streamline integration works its way to provide a reliable means of communication without costing too much money and demanding
too much effort from users.

UltaTel for Zendesk has intelligent call and record matching.
When a call comes in, UltaTel automatically brings up the matching Zendesk contact.
If the record is not available, a notification panel gives you the option of adding a new record.

UltaTel for Zendesk allows you to log notes, create tickets after the call.
You can also view ticket report.

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