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Your VoIP Telephony With Zoho CRM

With Zoho CRM VOIP integration, ULTATEL continues its mission of helping you to improve your workflow and increase productivity. You stand to see a significant difference in efficiency if you invest in a system that allows you to streamline your sales process, measure the effectiveness of your calls, and keep detailed records of communication with existing and prospective clients. Simply activate ULTATEL for Zoho CRM and let your team place and attend to sales calls from within Zoho’s CRM software.

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Make Calls Straight from Zoho CRM

Clicking out of your Zoho CRM to place calls can affect your workflow and efficiency with managing prospects and clients. But with the phone system integration feature, you can now make calls within the Zoho CRM and gain better control of leads, sales, and deals, as well as tracking every conversation in between.

Robust Analytics and Call Recording

For quality assurance, training, and policy compliance review purposes, ULTATEL, when integrated with Zoho CRM, allows you to record any Zoho CRM call. The smart analytics and logging tools give you control over your Zoho CRM contacts—from adding notes after a call and creating new contacts to accessing call reports and tracking accurate call duration. Zoho call recording has never been easier.

Workflow Integration

Your ULTATEL phone system integrates with Zoho CRM to automate your workflow, allowing you to take prompt action on incoming calls and even trigger phone calls based on events. With Zoho phone integration automation tools, you can now maximize your workflow without losing track of call schedules, log notes, and progress with new leads.

Stay Alert and on Task

If you are having trouble staying on top of your phone calls, your ULTATEL telephony Zoho CRM system can help. When you connect your call reminders to your task list, you will receive notifications when it is time to place the call. You can also save valuable minutes by using the in-built VoIP phone dialer to contact leads and clients.

Features and benefits

If you do substantial business over the phone, chances are that your company will benefit from the Zoho CRM VoIP integration. The features and perks of utilizing ULTATEL for Zoho CRM include:

  No software installation. Complete cloud-based app

  Convenient accessibility. Use ULTATEL for Zoho CRM from anywhere on both Windows and Mac using any popular browser

  Easy click-to-dial from within Zoho CRM by clicking on a call icon to start a call, saving time and improving efficiency

  Multiple-browser tabs enabling simultaneous interactions, increasing productivity

  Real-time call logs saved to the corresponding Zoho CRM record

  Creating new contact records and tickets while on the call

Why Integration Matters

Providing your team with Zoho CRM VoIP integration will allow them to stay on top of their game, automate tasks, streamline workflow, and track leads and clients without difficulty. Without it, your overall productivity can slow down significantly, leading to unreliable data and inconsistent results. Integrate your ULTATEL phone system with Zoho CRM today and take your operations to a whole new level.

UltaTel for Zoho CRM has intelligent call and record matching.
When a call comes in, UltaTel automatically brings up the matching Zoho CRM contact.
If the record is not available, you will have the option of adding a new record.

for Zoho CRM has intelligent call and record matching.
When a call comes in, automatically brings up the matching Zoho CRM contact.
If the record is not available, a notification panel gives you the option of adding a new record.

UltaTel for Zoho CRM allows you to log notes after the call.
You can also view call report and track accurate call duration.

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