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Now more than ever, relying on the cloud is a must for any business. Customers frequently use email, chat, and social media to interact with brands that they follow. Therefore, it’s essential to keep up with the surging demand in the communications department.

Cloud Based Phone System

What Is A Cloud Contact Center?

A Cloud Contact Center is a web-based platform suitable for customer call management. Accessing cloud-based call center phone systems is relatively easy because you can do it anytime, anywhere. Without the additional cost of renting an office, you can lower operational costs while improving your scalability.

Benefits of Using ULTATEL’s Cloud Contact Center

ULTATEL aims to transform the way businesses handle transactions by providing companies unified communications, cloud-based telephony, and contact center services. This comprehensive solution enhances customer experiences significantly while also empowering employees. Here are some of the benefits of trusting ULTATEL Cloud Contact Center Solutions for your call management dilemma:

  • ✓ Huge Savings

    With ULTATEL’s call center software, you get to save up around 20% to 50% because there’s no need to shell out on initial expenditure and maintenance costs.
  • ✓ Seamless Set-Up

    Setting up our call center phone systems is such a breeze. Our friendly staff will help you customize them according to your needs. Moreover, our staff will inform your team about the 80+ enterprise-grade features that our prized call center solution offers.
  • ✓ Remote Work Flexibility

    All members of your team have the freedom to work at home, in the office, or even while on the go. It’s made possible by our single user-friendly system.
  • ✓ 24/7 Live Customer Support

    Should there be anyone in need of assistance, we have plenty of people working round the clock to help solve your technical concerns.
  • ✓ Enhanced In-Company Communication

    Aside from our contact center software, we also provide our clients with a cloud-based telecommunications suite. Collaboration is made more accessible, thanks to conferencing, web faxing, and video conference meetings.
  • ✓ Ultra Low-Risk

    With impressive 99.999% uptime and disaster-proofing features, you won’t ever feel apprehensive regarding the status of your network.

How to Set Up A Cloud Contact Center?

Dealing with customers and facilitating efficient communication are necessary for business success. When setting up a cloud contact center, you should bear your employees’ needs in mind. The application should be beneficial in carrying out your staff’s day-to-day tasks faster, streamlining them for more effectiveness.

Don’t forget to factor in management tasks. The cloud-based contact center should permit managers and supervisors to oversee and manage business proceedings, and monitor arising issues.

Setting up a contact center software won’t be a difficult undertaking if you come up with a strategy that answers the needs of everyone involved -- customers, agents, and even business owners. Work on developing an efficient workflow by understanding your call center requirements and choosing the best cloud hosting provider that can meet them.

 ULTATEL’s cloud phone system

Cloud Contact Center FAQ

A cloud contact center is a critical player in any enterprise. All calls, either inbound or outbound, are managed by the cloud contact center. Furthermore, interactions can also be done through social media, voice, and email. All of which are accessible remotely.

ULTATEL’s cloud effortlessly connects all remote locations and existing company offices, local or international. The system adapts to accommodate the continuous growth of the company. Since there aren’t long-term commitments, you don’t have to concern yourself with massive fixed costs.

It depends on your needs and the pricing plan you choose. ULTATEL’s Contact Center Solutions can cater to 1 to 999 users.

Yes, but it’s not that different from onboarding agents face-to-face. ULTATEL creates a collaborative ambiance to promote an enjoyable and fruitful onboarding experience for your new team members. Don’t forget to include face-to-face screen time using ULTATEL’s video conferencing features to establish rapport. Avoid overloading agents at the outset and request feedback to see which avenues you can work on.

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ULTATEL Cloud Contact Center Features

Hosted PBX system

Cloud PBX isn’t hosted at the business site, but instead, it’s hosted offsite via the internet. There’s no need for additional equipment.

CRM Integration

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is essential for business success. Our call center technology can be consolidated with your company’s current CRM software to simplify and improve business processes. Some of our integration tools are Salesforce, Zoho, Zendesk, Microsoft Dynamics and PipeDrive.

Comprehensive Call Features

Our call center technology has everything you need to guarantee an excellent customer call experience. It has call waiting and call queuing to sort out the high volume of calls. It also includes call forwarding and queue call back, which ensures no important calls are missed. Call parking and automated attendants manage the in-call processes for quicker response time on your end.

Thorough Call Analytics and Reporting

Our call center software boasts reliable analytics and reporting features so that you can stay on top of every phone call. We understand that determining customer behavior enhances business growth.

Impressive Voice Quality

We only want to give you the best, so we only use advanced tools and codecs to provide you with superior voice quality for a fraction of the cost.

Unlimited Calling

We offer unlimited calling for the US and Canada, unlimited Inbound Internet Faxing, and unlimited ring bound. Furthermore, we also provide calling capability in 72 countries at a very affordable rate that you won’t be able to snag elsewhere.


It doesn’t matter how big or small your business is, ULTATEL has a pricing plan for you. The best part is that there are no hidden charges. You won’t be asked to pay additional set-up fees.
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