Voice Calling for Microsoft Teams with Direct Routing

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ULTATEL enables your internal Microsoft Teams environment to connect to any phone around the world.

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Microsoft Teams SBC Integration Overview

Microsoft Teams has quickly become the go-to collaboration and productivity tool of choice for over a hundred million daily active users and 93% of the Fortune 100 companies. Enterprise-quality online meetings, video conferencing, file sharing, and group chat help keep everyone connected, when working from home, at the office, or on the other side of the world.

ULTATEL’s Microsoft Teams integration allows your company to integrate voice communications within Teams through ULTATEL’s Microsoft-certified Session Border Controller (SBC). Combining Teams with voice calling creates the ultimate Unified Communications Experience for your organization.

Highly Productive Environment

Your workforce will have continuous access to calling, chatting, meeting and collaborating from any device, in a fully integrated Microsoft Teams environment.

Connect the World to Teams

A fully-integrated Microsoft Teams environment connects your team for both inbound and outbound calls through the international phone network, allowing you to add callers to your conference bridges and meetings. Utilizing ULTATEL’s calling plans will also add SMS capability within your Microsoft Teams instances.

Reduce Costs and Get High Quality

Not only do you save on equipment by utilizing Microsoft Teams as a smart phone, but you can also expect a direct savings on the solution — with a 50-70% savings and also maintaining a high-quality 99.999% reliability when you use ULTATEL’s network.

ULTATEL’s Voice Calling for Microsoft Teams

Whether you are a fortune 500 company looking to integrate Microsoft Teams with your business phone system or a service provider looking to expand your portfolio of services, ULTATEL’s Microsoft Certified Cloud SBC allows you to deliver secure real-time communications on almost any private or public cloud environment without compromising scale and performance, all with the convenience of being able to control and monitor everything from anywhere.

ULTATEL provides several Microsoft-certified Teams Solutions for both business clients of all sizes as well as other service providers, such as:

ULTATEL can also provide Microsoft-certified SBC for other service providers.

Features and Benefits

Certified for Microsoft Phone System Direct Routing, Skype for Business – Microsoft has reviewed the technical details and certified our solution. We are a first-party provider of the SBC, no additional partners or platforms are necessary.

Use ULTATEL complete cloud solution with 99.999% guaranteed uptime or deploy through public cloud providers like AWS, Azure and Google cloud or through native tools such as CloudFormation.

Native full-function SBC platform – allowing a fully-integrated calling experience, this means your users will not experience the “app within an app” experience or the other workarounds that some providers use.

Automatic and rapid scalability of SBC resources – A fully-scalable solution designed to expand and grow without the need to add additional hardware.

High-availability, Load Balancing, and Burstability configurations are available – allowing your system to be available at the best and worst of times.

Media transcoding capability using CPUs or industry-leading GPUs to scale for high-density transcoding, which allows ULTATEL’s SBC to integrate with more systems than most providers.

SIP Message Manipulation (SMM) allows legacy voice applications to continue working along.

Streamline Migrations from TDM to IP Peering – Utilizing ULTATEL’s SBC gives you the ability to bridge the gap between legacy phone solutions, only requiring you to move over users as needed.

Call Admission Control (CAC) to deny excessive calls based on session establishment rate per trunk group.

International Inbound & Outbound - ULTATEL can provide international calling at great rates for both outbound and inbound numbers (in 70+ countries). This means in countries where you have customers and vendors, you can get a number that is local to them. (International calling rates may apply.)

SMS/MMS - Utilizing ULTATEL’s Cloud Phone system gives the added benefit of SMS texting inside and outside of Teams, this is a unique offering of ULTATEL.

Enhanced security/encryption services to protect privacy and ensure compliance utilizing TLS/SRTP with built-in high-performance firewall.

Available through AWS Marketplace, support either Bring Your Own License or Pay-As-You-Go model

Media Bypass is available for no additional charge, upon request for high-security industries including financial institutions, banks, government agencies and contractors.

E911 Support – With ULTATEL Cloud phone system, E911 call routing capabilities deliver 911 emergency calls to the appropriate Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP). Protect your employees and maintain compatibility with State and federal E911 regulations.

Plan and Pricing

Select your pricing Preferences:

All Monthly per User Plans Include:

  • Microsoft SBC Updates, as required
  • 99.999% Uptime SLA* for SBC and Voice on the ULTATEL Cloud
  • 24/7 Fully-Managed Service & Support
  • Media Bypass, if requested

*Not available on the public cloud.
This is not intended to list all possible configurations, features, or pricing; please see a ULTATEL representative and written proposal.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Working with a provider like ULTATEL, means that the solution has been tested and certified by Microsoft and that gives you the peace of mind that your Microsoft Teams Integration will work exactly how you want, and with the highest level of security and customer support possible. An SBC protects and regulates IP communication, between your Teams tenant and your voice service providers' network. Simply put, the Microsoft-certified SBC means that Microsoft has:

  • Jointly worked on the SIP interconnection protocols
  • Performed intense tests using a 3rd party lab
  • Run daily tests to guarantee new versions of Direct Routing code will work
  • Established a joint support process with ULTATEL

ULTATEL is partnered with Microsoft and is one of the very few selected providers who has had their SBC, which protects and enables calling to the outside network from Microsoft teams, actually tested and certified directly by Microsoft. ULTATEL also takes you from innovation to celebration by providing custom solutions like the ability to send SMS text messages directly from your Teams platform to any SMS-enabled phone number.

With several Teams solutions such as Sip Trunking/ Direct Routing, an integration with ULTATEL's intuitive and powerful cloud phone system, full Teams Migration Support, as well as Microsoft certified SBC's services for enterprises and providers, ULTATEL is the Microsoft-certified Industry-Trusted Partner you can trust for your team’s needs.

You don’t need much to get started with Microsoft Teams Calling:

  1. A Microsoft Phone System license comes included with the E5 package of Microsoft 365 and can be added to E1 or E3. Your ULTATEL onboarding specialist can help guide you if needed.
  2. A service provider like ULTATEL can provide SIP Trunks or Direct Routing for Teams. You can transfer or port your existing phone numbers to ULTATEL or have new ones provided
  3. A Microsoft-certified SBC like ULTATEL's to protect and bridge Teams connection to the Public Network. The SBC acts as a voice firewall and translator between the two environments and types of communication such as media bypass
  4. A point of contact for your organization to work with during the integration

You need an SBC to work as a bridge between Microsoft Teams and the telephone network but how come?

  • Protection & Security – An SBC encrypts traffic to keep any unauthorized access from entering the data network via the voice network
  • Performance – ULTATEL’s Microsoft-certified SBCs adjust key parameters to ensure your Sip Trunking connection is always functioning properly with no hassle
  • Convenience – Want to gradually move to Teams at your own pace? ULTATEL’s Microsoft-certified SBCs can provide simultaneous ringing so that both Teams and your old PBX share connectivity.
  • Continuity – ULTATEL’s SBCs have failover solutions that keep your organization connected even if the unexpected happens.

Direct Routing for Microsoft Teams allows you to make and receive business phone calls
Microsoft Phone System Direct Routing is the service inside of Teams that allows organizations to connect external phone lines and use Teams as a Unified Communications Platform. Organizations are already using Teams for file sharing, video conferencing, and chat; adding voice to streamline your tools just makes sense.

Teams uses SIP Trunks or IP-based voice connections to connect to the Public Telephone Network or anyone outside your organization. ULTATEL’s Microsoft certified SBC is necessary to connect Teams to either ULTATEL or another communications service provider (aka phone lines). ULTATEL’s Microsoft-certified SBCs protect and secure these connections and ensure future compatibility and performance, so you have the option to select from hundreds of service providers across the globe.

Enable Direct Routing for Microsoft Teams from the Azure Cloud or Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Using Teams for video conferencing, chat, and file-sharing has become the norm for over 100 million users and 93% of the Fortune 100 companies. Now ULTATEL makes it possible to enhance those capabilities and streamline the tools you have to manage on a day to day basis by securely connecting Teams to the external telephone network.

Depending on needs, organizations can slowly migrate off a legacy PBX or immediately move some or all of their business phone calls to Teams. Users can make and receive calls from almost anywhere, on any device so everyone can stay connected and productive.

ULTATEL Microsoft-certified SBC makes it all possible. Azure or AWS cloud provides a secure bridge between your enterprise network and a Service Provider (CSP), like ULTATEL with no hardware to deploy or manage. With the flexibility to scale up or down as needed, you can be operational and ready to go in minutes. Try us out for free for 30 days and see for yourself.

  • No hardware to install
  • Microsoft-certified SBC
  • 30-day no-risk proof of concept
  • Full media services
  • Flexibility to choose your or phone or service provider
  • Ultimate security to protect your voice and media communications

For many organizations, the migration to Microsoft Teams Calling is not merely a matter of flipping a switch. If you are in a multi-year contract with your Cloud UC service, have investments in an existing IP-PBX, or have complicated business workflows, the switch to Teams may be a little more complicated.

ULTATEL gives organizations the flexibility to integrate everyone into Teams or just certain groups or individuals.

Keep your existing PBX or Cloud UC solution in-place and maintain existing relationships. Organizations can integrate 1 user or 10,000 users to Teams. The user's PBX phone and Teams client (desktop or mobile) will ring simultaneously, even if they are part of a group on the PBX. Stay connected in the office, at home, or on the road. Users can place outbound calls from either client, and the far end will always see the office caller ID. And if a user is on the phone, it's noted on both systems.

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