Your Business Enterprise Phone can Be In The Cloud

As more and more businesses are moving to remote work, one of the most essential tools to have is a reliable communication system. In today’s digital business landscape, one of the most essential tools for any business is an effective and reliable method of communication. Digital businesses are often comprised of teams from all over the world, and they need a secure method to communicate, whether it is working on projects, troubleshooting, or giving updates to each other.

Cloud Based Phone System

Take your business to the next level by upgrading your communications into a comprehensive enterprise phone system designed for modern businesses. Enjoy crisp and clear audio combined with unlimited calls to the US and Canada and very aggressive rates for all international destinations to bring a global team together.

Introducing: the Ultatel Enterprise Phone System.
The VoIP Phone System Solution for Enterprise Business

The Ultatel VoIP Enterprise Phone System is a next-level solution that will meet all your remote working communication needs. You can connect with your team, schedule a virtual meeting, or have a sales pitch presented to a client, all from one convenient and affordable portal.

The VoIP system is designed to work with any gadget - whether you’re calling from your work computer, your smartphone, or a tablet, you will enjoy a crisp and lightning-fast connection that allows for clear conversations. You won’t even need to change your current business number; you can integrate your existing business numbers and extensions into the Ultatel Enterprise Phone System Solution.

Enterprise Phone System Features

When you choose Ultatel, you will be gaining access to all of these exciting features:

Cloud PBX

Enjoy a powerful and maintenance-free phone system that allows you and your team to make and take calls from anywhere, as long as you have a high-speed Internet connection. Our cloud-based system allows you to connect with your team even while you’re on the go. We offer 24/7/365 free support and maintenance to ensure that you have an open line of communication anytime you need it.

HD Voice

With the Ultatel Enterprise phone system, you and your team will enjoy clear and crisp calls without lagging, static, or digital interference. You will also enjoy unlimited call minutes for the United States and Canada.

Wide Range of Call Features

The Enterprise Phone System allows you to control your team’s calls with features such as call forwarding, caller ID, and call waiting. You’ll never miss another important sales call from a client or worry about an unknown caller number ever again. You will also enjoy unlimited ring groups, auto-attendant/IVR, call queueing, and time and skilled-based routing.

Advanced Call Analytics & Reporting

One of the most exciting features that you can enjoy is the in-depth call analytics to evaluate and improve customer campaigns, traffic, and conversion. Our Ultatel algorithm will analyze your team calls to determine how you can improve customer service and increase customer satisfaction.

Web Management Portal

Now you can easily manage your team from one place! Schedule team meetings, create team conference rooms, and direct incoming and outgoing calls from one convenient management portal.

CRM Integration (Salesforce, Zoho, Zendesk, Microsoft Dynamics and PipeDrive)

If you upgrade to our Clarity Enterprise Plan, our VoIP can be integrated into your team’s existing CRM programs such as Salesforce, Zoho, Zendesk, Microsoft Dynamics and PipeDrive. These tools can improve your team’s performance and output by providing automation platforms designed to enhance customer interaction.

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