Flexible and Reliable VoIP Solution for Customer Service Teams

A company’s success relies on good marketing and efficient customer service. Even if you have the best marketing strategy but poor customer service, your business won’t thrive. For your staff to deliver top-notch customer interaction, you need to provide them with the best tools. Efficiency is not only based on skills but also with the right equipment.

Cloud Based Phone System

Investing in VoIP phones can significantly affect your customer interaction. It can improve service by answering calls on time and lessening the number of abandoned calls. However, finding the most suitable phone system is the tricky part. You need to choose the one that fits your business needs and solves any problems you may have. Here’s why ULTATEL is the best VoIP solution for your customer service team.

How Remote Customer Service Teams Can Benefit From Using VoIP

Ultimate customer support is the core of our business mission. Our cloud phone system was named the Top Ten VoIP Solution Providers for 2020 by Enterprise Networking because of our commitment to flexibility, reliability, and quality of service.

Here are the benefits that customer service teams can get from using our cloud VoIP solution:

24/7 Live Customer Support

With most users hooked on their phones at any time during the day or night, 24/7, they’re also expecting businesses to be online 24 hours a day. Our team can help you with that. We’re aware that different companies work in different time zones. And our Operations Control Center engineers will monitor your VoIP systems online 24/7 for increased reliability.

99.999% Uptime Guarantee

24/7 live customer support combined with a “five-nines” uptime guarantee is a core principle of ULTATEL’s mission. Our system promises high availability and accessibility online to improve customer experience. You can also count on us that services won’t turn down on peak times. We know that businesses are sensitive to lost leads caused by poor systems and connections. The ULTATEL solution prevents such occurrences and ensures the highest quality of reliability of service.

Hassle-Free and Flexible

From the set-up to actual operations, our VoIP services are hassle-free and flexible. We’ll customize the system based on your business needs and explain the key features so you can maximize your VoIP.

Your team also has the flexibility to work from home, on the go, or any location. We’ll help you stay connected through a single easy-to-use system.

Device Compatibility

Our cloud phone system allows users to connect their extension number from a desktop phone, PC or Mac desktop softphone, or an iOS/Android app on any mobile device. We know that extensions are essential for on-the-go workers; hence, we make sure that your customer service team achieves flexibility and compatibility in using our VoIP phone.

Bigger Savings

VoIP guarantees a low subscription-based expenditure depending on the number of phones and lines your customer service team needs. Unlike traditional phones, VoIP covers the maintenance and upgrade fees all in one subscription. Now you can cut your monthly phone bills up to 50% and say goodbye to expensive maintenance costs.

Improve Your Team Productivity and Customer Satisfaction With Our Solution

In growing your business, productivity and customer experience should come hand-in-hand. Our cloud phone system is the best solution to keep your team motivated and improve customer engagement.

Call Features and Services

Our VoIP phone allows call forwarding and call waiting so your team won’t have to worry about abandoned calls. You can also monitor incoming calls and block unwanted callers, allowing you to focus on more serious matters. Furthermore, our phone system allows call recording to keep track of important discussions and negotiations.

Advanced PBX Features

Having a VoIP with advanced features provides worry-free scalability and robustness for every business. Apart from the excellent call features mentioned above, our cloud system also offers automated attendants, customized music-on-hold, audio conferencing, video conference meetings, and web portal management.

HD Voice Quality

One important feature that a VoIP phone should have is high audio quality. A reliable Wi-Fi connection is useless if your device’s voice function is poor. After all, how can you serve or sell if your customer can’t hear you? ULTATEL utilizes state-of-the-art codecs and audio technology that ensures the highest audio or voice quality.

CRM Integration

Customer relationship management is the powerhouse of your business. By analyzing your customer call quality and keeping all data in place, you’ll effectively monitor and develop your services and strategies. Our VoIP’s CRM integration includes Salesforce, Zoho, Zendesk, Microsoft Dynamics and PipeDrive. We also provide Microsoft Teams Integration for direct routing.

Unlimited Features

Some of our unlimited features include calling to and from the US and Canada (unlimited minutes), inbound internet faxing, and unlimited ring groups.



Our pricing may vary based on your subscription preferences and the number of users that your business has. We offer pricing based on contract or month-to-month agreements. For example, if your company has 5-19 users and selects the contract agreement, the basic price starts at $24.95/month per user with no setup fee.

Our subscriptions consist of Clarity Premium, Clarity Enterprise, and Clarity Enterprise Plus. Premium is the most cost effective among the three, while Enterprise Plus has the most features. You can always get a free quote from us and ULTATEL can customize any plan to best suit your business’ needs.

Click this link to see detailed information about our pricing and plans.

VoIP For Customer Service Teams FAQ

ULTATEL offers call routing services. You can get this feature when you sign up for our Clarity Enterprise subscription plan.

ULTATEL’s VoIP phone system offers High Definition (HD) voice quality so you can serve your customers better. Just make sure that your device is connected to a high-speed Internet to enjoy the HD feature.

Numerous phone lines are no longer needed - forget the 1:1 ratio. You can get four lines only for 12 employees or attach multiple devices to a single line. ULTATEL’s cloud-based solution reduces your maintenance and support costs.

ULTATEL plans let you obtain a toll-free number. Just add $2.99 per month to your current subscription. You can also get toll free minutes at $0.03 per minute.

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