The best cloud phone system for medium-sized business.

Everyone talks about SMEs and big enterprises, but what about mid-sized businesses? ULTATEL has the right solution for team sizes that are not too big and not too small

Why are VoIP phone systems the best solutions for medium businesses?

Cloud-based phones have experienced significant advancements over the past years, becoming more popular and no longer an exclusive tool for big corporations. Medium-sized businesses are also benefiting from the fantastic benefits of VoIP phone systems.
ULTATEL stands out as the best fit for mid-sized businesses because of our deep understanding of medium-scale enterprises’ communication requirements and their most common challenges.

Our VoIP phone system benefits for medium businesses

Here are the benefits of investing in ULTATEL’s VoIP phone systems for medium businesses:


No upfront expenses or hidden fees. Reduce your regular phone bills by up to 50% every month.

Smooth installation

Get your phone system customized the way you want it with our over 40 enterprise-grade features.

Work from anywhere

Our seamless system gives you the benefit of working from anywhere with ease; whether at the office, at home, or in a coffee shop.

Improved collaboration

Since our business phone system is 100% hosted on the cloud, your employees can collaborate smoothly with each other.

Zero downtime

In times of network issues, you can rely on our 99.999% uptime and disaster-proofing.

Multi-device availability

All users can access their numbers on any device, whether it is a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop you’ll get easy access to all your business communication needs.

VoIP phone system features for medium-sized businesses

Call safely with our whispering and call monitoring features that protect you from fraudulent calls.Call queuing and call waiting help you manage increasing call volumes with customized music on Hold that keeps callers entertained while waiting for shorter periods. Call forwarding ensures no call is left unattended.
Turn your voicemail messages into audio files that get sent to your email. Additionally, with voicemail transcription, you won’t have to worry if you don’t have the time to listen to it, you can simply read your voicemail messages. These features are perfect for medium business owners who spend time on the go.
Our cloud communication solutions use high tech to provide you superior voice call quality at a reduced cost.
With our advanced reporting and analytics features, you can track every call, access relevant data, and utilize the insights for your business growth strategies.
In ULTATEL, we give you more for your investment. Enjoy Unlimited Calling for the US & Canada, unlimited ring groups, and Inbound Internet Faxing.

Why Choose ULTATEL for medium-sized business VoIP?

Most businesses, including medium-sized ones, have a challenge with call volume management. ULTATEL’s list of impressive features offers a tested and trusted solution to this problem.
With our unlimited offers, alongside CRM integration, analytics, and reporting tools, you’ll get a full set of enterprise-grade features designed to match your needs, budget, and team size.


A cloud contact center is an internet-based service that enables you to make and receive business phone calls and communicate internally and externally via other channels such as text messaging, chat, Social Media, and email.
ULTATEL’s VoIP phone systems provide your medium business with data collection and analytics, which allows you to make data-driven decisions and understand your customers better at the same time. Additionally, we help you cut costs on hardware maintenance and expensive phone bills. These are just two of the many ways our cloud phone system contributes to scaling your business.
ULTATEL’s Contact Center Solutions can cater to 1 to 999 users.
Yes, ULTATEL provides a fun, collaborative environment for your new agents to have a fruitful onboarding process. You can also use the face-to-face screen time feature of ULTATEL’s video conferencing to build rapport.