Ultatel's mobility feature empowers your business and it's employees to connect to their colleagues and customers from anywhere at anytime, using their same business phone number. Whether they're taking a call from the office on their Desktop phones, working remote from their laptop or PC, or communicating on-the-go from their mobile device - Ultatel gives employees the ability to communicate no matter the device, location and internet connection.

  • Experience these benefits and more:
  • Stop missing calls outside the office
  • Keep your business identity separate
  • Receive your voicemail in text and email
  • Protect your business operations with continuity
How does it work?

When business employees call using their Ultatel mobility application, their caller ID shows their business phone number - keeping their business identity consistent vs. switching back and forth between their personal devices.
Also using the Ultatel mobility application, your employees can answer any calls made to their business phone number
- no matter where they are located outside of their physical office.

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