The complete business phone system
for $9.95/mo

Win new customers, increase productivity and build your future with one simple app that powers voice, video, messaging, texting & meetings.

Unlimited everything. Anywhere.
On any device.

$9.95/mo. Simple to use. No contracts.
5 minute set up.

Why businesses choose ULTATEL

Everything you need

Phone, messages, chat, video, fax. A reliable easy to use system. Communicate better with your customers.

Bigger savings

Cut your monthly phone bills between 20% to 50% and say goodbye to capital expenditure and expensive maintenance costs.

Hassle-free 5 minute set up

We do all the work, and we’ll set up your system around the way you do business.

Work from anywhere.

Every user can connect to their usual extension number from a desktop phone, a soft-phone on their PC, or an iOS/Android app.

Works on any device

Works  on all your devices without the need of additional equipment

99.999% Uptime

ULTATEL provides the best uptime service level agreement in the industry. We can provide this through our decades of experience serving businesses, fully redundant data centers and a whole lot more.

A breeze to use, expand in seconds

Your Ignite service will be setup for you 

No missed calls.

Your mobile and desktop apps work the same

Not much of a learning curve with an intuitive interface.

Set up new employees and teams in seconds

Add new employees, teams, even entire offices from your phone wherever you are.

Win new customers

Never miss a new business opportunity

Ensure all of your calls are answered professionally – and prioritized – with auto-attendant routing, enhanced call routing and ring group call forwarding options.

Communicate with prospective customers on their terms

Your prospects may have gone remote, have difficult schedules to coordinate with, or complex job requirements – you can handle it all with video and audio meetings, texting and messaging.

Separate personal from business

All your business communications are on your mobile and desktop apps

Set your business hours to work for you

You can schedule your auto-attendant according to the way you and your team works. Forward your phone automatically when you’re in meetings, with family or at the doctor’s office.

Customers love us

 I actually have an app on my phone from Ultatel so that if I’m sitting at home and I make an outbound phone call through this app, when their phone rings, their caller ID is going to see Trü Orthodontics. 

Jill Warner

Office Manager, 

Tru Orthodontics

 We absolutely love the reliability of service and the responsiveness of the team. 

Nicole Sithithavorn


Remodel USA

 It was a simple process, took us 10 minutes, had everybody set up, everybody remote working, everybody’s desk phones set up to be on their cells. It was just a very easy process and it worked out beautifully. 

Dawn Neighoff


Clean Sweep

Ignite pricing

No contract

  • Unlimited Domestic Calling

  • Unlimited Video Calls

  • Unlimited Audio & Video Meetings

  • Unlimited Messaging

  • Unlimited Texts

  • Unlimited 1:1 and Team Chat

  • Unlimited Inbound Faxing

  • Auto-Attendant with Custom Voice Recordings

  • Video Conferencing Up To 10 Participants

  • HD Voice and Video

  • Instant Screen Sharing

  • Custom On Hold Messages and Music

  • Ring Groups and Advanbced Call Management

  • Content, Document and File Sharing


The award-winning VoIP platform that small and big companies trust.

See ULTATEL in action

Start working smarter in 5 minutes


Create your account

Create your account online in a few minutes. Once your sign-up is completed your service will be up and running.


Download the app

Download the mobile and desktop apps, login and you’re good to go. You can make and receive calls. Your service is already pre-configured so you won’t miss a call.


Get it all done, from anywhere

With Ignite, by ULTATEL.

Download your apps:



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Ignite features

ULTATEL’s Ignite takes your phone system to the next level, giving you a complete communications system designed around the way you do business, for a fraction of the cost of other cloud phone apps.
These features include:

Business Phone

Establish a local presence by choosing from more than 200 available area codes. Direct customer calls to a single number, assign additional numbers to call queues and users, and take advantage of all the features that Ignite has to offer.

Extensions create a flexible structure that links employees at local and satellite offices, wherever they are. Edit, add, or remove extensions anytime.

Show your customers you value them by having a recorded menu guiding them to the specific person or department they are looking for.

Ring Groups is one of the most versatile features in ULTATEL’s Ignite suite for a variety of reasons. If your business has a group of employees that could answer a call, like a customer support or accounting group, a Ring Group is an effective way to make sure no call goes unanswered.

You can either assign users and all their associated devices or a users’ individual devices to a Ring Group. When a call comes in, it’ll ring on every associated devices in two ways. It can ring them all at the same time, letting anyone pick it up as soon as possible, or sequentially, going user by user until someone picks up.

Always be in the right place at the right time to take calls. Call forwarding is completely transparent to the caller and makes it possible for your company to be on call 24 hours a day.

Visual voicemail allows you to easily manage voicemails in your online account, on your PC or Mac, and on your mobile device with your HUB mobile & desktop app.

Voicemail-to-email sends voicemail messages in emails so you can listen to them wherever you are.

Ignite gives you caller features such as call forwarding, call notifying, call waiting, and call blocking.

Keep callers entertained and informed with music and messages while they’re on hold.

Use greetings to establish your brand and enhance your company’s image.

Ignite gives you the flexibility to manage both your incoming and outgoing caller IDs. You can also choose to displays your business name when making calls.

Receive faxes wherever you are through email.

Insightful reports to help you understand your employee’s and callers’ behavior and  improve your interactions.


Enjoy unlimited video conference calls with 1 – 10 people. Boost your team efficiency with one-click screen sharing from your desktop, mobile, applications, websites, files, and more.

Get connected instantly with up to 20 people in an audio conference call with local dial-in support.

Whether you are using your desktop or mobile app, your colleagues can now easily see your presence status—Available, Invisible or Do Not Disturb. Easy to configure and manage.

Ignite makes collaboration better, faster, and more productive. Instant 1:1 and group chat gives you the ability to solve problems real-time – a flexible meeting space where information  can be easily and instantly shared. 

You don’t need  your personal number for texts. Send and receive messages from your business phone number to employees, customers, prospects, contractors and other stakeholders.

Get instant notifications for messages, phone calls, meetings, texts  and fax messages in your HUB desktop and mobile apps.

As a moderator, control all functions and features in the meeting.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can get up and running in about 5 minutes. Just sign up online, and download your HUB mobile and desktop apps.

“Cloud-based” means that the core technology infrastructure and global network providing the business phone and fax system functionality is located in our multiple secure data centers and delivered to your business over the web. This eliminates the need for capital investment and the hassle of installing and managing complex hardware in your office.

No. ULTATEL will set up your service when you sign up, with no additional charge.

ULTATEL was named Enterprise Networking’s Top Ten VoIP Solution Providers for 2019, 2020, and 2021 because of our commitment to reliability. 99.999% uptime is ULTATEL’s is our guaranteed service level.

Any wired or wireless device with an Internet connection that runs Windows, Mac, iOS or Android.

No. Ignite was designed to be used on devices that are most convenient for you to use. IP desktop phones are not required because your ULTATEL HUB desktop app has a built-in softphone, which saves you the cost of a desktop phone and provides you with more features.

Yes. But note that IP desktop phones are not required because  your ULTATEL HUB desktop app has a built-in softphone, which saves you the cost of a desktop phone and provides you with more features. Call us for more information about bringing your current desk phones at 1-844-ULTATEL.

No special equipment is required. All you need is a device that is connected to the Internet running Windows, Mac, iOS or Android.

Yes. You can transfer (port) your existing phone number(s) to ULTATEL. Its easy. Complete your purchase of Ignite, and after your purchase your number can be moved, with no interruption in service. You can get more information about porting (transfering) your number at our blog here.