VoIP Technology Is a Matter of Dollars and Sense; ULTATEL Saves Businesses up to 50% a Month

WASHINGTON, D.C. – March 20, 2018 – VoIP systems are on the rise and businesses are reaping the rewards with significant savings and dynamic features. ULTATEL provides a flexible, centralized communication system at a considerable cost reduction.

Companies are able to save as much as 50% per month with Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), as calls are much less expensive than those made on the publically switched telephone networks (PSTN).1 Typically, a landline phone system incurs monthly costs of around $50 per line, but generally only covers local and domestic calls.2 Monthly VoIP plans tend to be available for less than $25 per line.2 Due to the perceived value of VoIP, businesses have adapted it in leaps and bounds for the past several years.1 “VoIP is the wave of the future and we consistently see our customers able to cut their phone bills by about 20% to 50% each month,” stated Amr Ibrahim, Chief Executive Officer for ULTATEL.

VoIP is being found to be a cost-effective communication tool all over the world. From advanced world economies to countries with underdeveloped infrastructures, VoIP is growing exponentially.1 For example, Zimbabwe, an underdeveloped country in Africa, is moving in line with global trends and adopting VoIP technology.1 Companies in Zimbabwe are seeing savings as high as 50% on their monthly telephony bills.1 In addition, companies like Dell are saving money and lowering carbon pollution with telecommuting programs, such as its Connected Workplace program.3 A 2014 study found that Dell’s Connected Workplace program saved $12 million and prevented 6,700 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions.3 Since then, the program continues to grow and Dell has prevented an estimated 25 million kWh of energy and 13,000 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions, and has also saved a whopping $39.5 million.3 VoIP plays a central role in brining telecommuters together with their customers and with each other, making programs like this one possible.

As of 2016, the global VoIP market was valued at $43.3 billion.4 It is estimated that the compound annual growth rate will increase by 10.2% for the VoIP market between 2017 and 2024, which means by 2024 the global revenue will more than double to $93.9 billion.4 VoIP systems level the playing field for small and medium business, as their features offer the mobility and flexibility needed to remain competitive.5

The rapid acceptance of VoIP as the new global standard for voice communications, as opposed to traditional telecommunication methods, is predominantly fueled by its innovative capabilities and cost savings.1 VoIP allows customers to make voice calls via a broadband Internet connection, instead of an analog phone line.1 Due to its ability to integrate with other Internet applications with calling features, VoIP is an attractive option for many organizations.1 The allure comes from being able to use a singular interface to simultaneously chat, transfer files, share screens and email to facilitate the ease of communication.1

Not only does ULTATEL’s total solution include a significant cost reduction when compared to traditional telephone systems, it also provides unified communication with 99.999% reliability, as well as advanced PBX features and an intuitive permission-based dashboard. “We, at ULTATEL, consult with businesses to simplify their telephone systems by streamlining the infrastructure,” notes Ibrahim. “Communications are centralized and stored in the cloud allowing companies to maximize savings.”

ULTATEL’s cloud is able to seamlessly connect all of a company’s locations, as well as remote users locally, nationally and globally. As a company grows, ULTATEL is able to size the system to accommodate the needs of the business and can easily expand without tying them down with long-term commitments or massive fixed costs. By choosing ULTATEL’s innovative telecom solutions, businesses and service providers benefit from being able to minimize or eliminate CAPEX, along with operating and IT expenses, while maximizing responsiveness, increasing productivity and improving customer satisfaction.


ULTATEL is a leading provider of cloud-based phone system solutions. Through its unified communications platform, companies can have all of their voice, video, fax, SMS and audio conferencing services on one affordable system. ULTATEL Business Clarity, with more than 40 enterprise grade features, helps companies operate from a single location or multiple locations seamlessly using desktop phones, soft phones or mobile apps. ULTATEL’s Contact Center solution satisfies the need for call center features such as advanced interactive voice response (IVR), call queuing, skilled/time-based routing and advanced call analytics. ULTATEL’s vision is to completely change how companies conduct business by delivering the most comprehensive suite of unified cloud-based telephony services that dramatically improve responsiveness, increase productivity, enhance globalization efficiencies, and reduce operating costs so that businesses can most effectively compete both today and in the future. Visit https://www.ULTATEL.com/.Sources

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