Quick Start Guide

This guide is designed to help you get started with your ULTATEL HUB app, walking you through how to make calls, send messages and start meetings.

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The basics

  • 1. Open your HUB app, and select your profile on the top left.

  • 2. That will bring up your status and set up page. Select your profile icon to set your profile photo.

  • 3. You can select your status. This is also known as Presence.

    Your other team members will see your status.

  • 4. Select Voice Mail Setup to set your voicemail settings.

    You’ll be able to record or upload your voicemail greeting, set your notification email address and other voicemail options.

  • 5. Select Call Forwarding Setup to set your call handling rules.

    Set what happens to the call when your unavailable or busy.

  • 6. Select Settings

    Set and quality test your audio and video sources, set your meeting preferences and caller ID options.


  • 1. Select the Settings option from step #6 above.

    Select your profile at the top of your screen, then select the Settings option.

  • 2. Select Audio & Video.

    You can set and test your microphone, speaker and video devices.

  • 3. Select Meetings.

    You can view your Meeting ID, and set your display Name in Meeting, and set or reset your meetings password. You can also enable meeting Lobby, where participants can gather prior to a meeting, and choose whether to enable your personal video and microphone.

  • 4. Select Caller Info Pop-up.

    You can link to specialized apps for caller ID info.

Contacts, calling and messaging

  • 1. Select contacts on the bottom menu.

    Search for or select the person you want to talk to. Your other team members will see your status.

  • 2. On their contact card, you’ll have the option to initiate a phone call, video call, chat or text message.

    Note that when you select the chat icon you will send a chat message if it’s an office phone number or extension, or a text if it’s a mobile number.

Video meetings and screen sharing

  • 1. Select video meetings on the bottom menu.

  • 2. Select Start Meeting.

    You’ll get your video meeting screen, with attendee, meeting and device controls.

  • 3. Invite/add participants.

  • 4. Select Start Meeting.

    You’ll get an extensive list of meeting options.

  • 5. Select Start Screen Sharing.