ULTATEL SIP trunk service

Reach your customers anytime and anywhere while enjoying cost savings with our SIP trunk service.

Why SIP trunk?

SIP stands for Session Initiation Protocol. SIP trunking moves your voice traffic through a network that’s powered by the internet.

If you want to eliminate various restrictions from your existing phone and be able to make international calls, reduce expensive equipment, and always stay connected to your customers, your business will benefit from SIP trunking.

SIP trunking benefits

Save money while you scale

Domestic and international calls are cheaper and upfront costs are minimal. ULTATEL SIP trunking service is considerably less expensive than traditional POTS, PRI or T1 trunks.

Increase reliability

Copper telephone lines can be damaged by severe weather conditions or vandalism. SIP is more reliable, allowing you to keep doing business in the event of a failure.

Retain your current telephone system

There’s no need to spend on new equipment with SIP trunking. ULTATEL SIP Trunks are compatible with most PBX systems.

Multisite sharing resources

Multisite customers can pool trunks across multiple locations, ensure high availability across your network while saving money by sharing your sip trunks among all your users.

SIP trunk features

Avoid lags during voice calls by choosing our service. Even when your hardware fails, we can assure you that your ability to make and receive calls won’t be affected.
Do you have a remote office? The good news is, your team will be able to work virtually while using local numbers, ULTATEL provides numbers in the US and Canada as well as 72 different countries.
Need a toll-free number for your customer service? ULTATEL’s SIP trunk service also supports toll-free numbers. Vanity numbers are also available upon request.

Our SIP trunk's happy clients

Trü Orthodontics

"We have such a great experience!”.

Dr.Sherif Elhady, Orthodontist

Synergy Law

“We are very pleased with ULTATEL!

Angela Crump, Executive Director

Remodel USA

"We absolutely love the reliability of service and the responsiveness of the team."

Nicole Sithithavorn, COO

SIP trunk FAQs

Yes, but it’s not that different from onboarding agents face-to-face. ULTATEL creates a collaborative ambiance to promote an enjoyable and fruitful onboarding experience for your new team members. Don’t forget to include face-to-face screen time using ULTATEL’s video conferencing features to establish rapport. Avoid overloading agents at the outset and request feedback to see which avenues you can work on.
Of course. ULTATEL runs one the most optimized networks for high quality VoIP traffic. Our deployment team will also work with you to help setup QOS (Quality of Service) in your network if needed. We understand how important it is to maintain excellent sound quality during regular calls and meetings and that’s why we offer a 90 days satisfaction guarantee to make sure you have enough time to test your new sip trunk solution.
It depends on your business, some businesses will need only 1 sip trunk for each three users, others will need 1 sip trunk for each user so it allows all users to make or receive calls at the same time. Please submit a quote request and one of our experts can help you decide on your exact need. The good news is, with ULTATEL service you can add or remove sip trunks when you determine your exact need.
Yes. Both domestic and international calls done over SIP trunks become cheaper compared to traditional POTs, PRI or T1 Trunks. An SIP trunk also helps you save money by eliminating unexpected charges and fees. Also, you pay only for the capacity that you need which can be shared with your multiple locations.